By Wesley Fick. What is the Windows 10 Upgrade Apocalypse, we hear you ask? Simply, it’s the annual event where Microsoft forces computers on an older version of Windows 10 to upgrade to the very latest version to maintain support. As part of Microsoft’s End User License Agreement, upgrades to newer versions of Windows 10 […]

The Inverter Take Over

Due to the popular demand on Inverters, we have got some bigger versions in stock than can handle a greater capacity. Read below what’s on offer. Contact us to order on (042) 007 0031 We’ve had a few larger requirements for various sites, so we are offering these specials on 3000VA(2400W) and 5000VA (4000W) systems. […]

Beat Loadshedding with an Inverter.

With speculation rife that load shedding is due to start from the 15th of January 2019, the conversation around keeping up productivity in the work place is a big issue. The age of the noisy diesel generator is a thing of the past. As we move towards a greener way of life, Inverters are the […]

WATCH : How the Bi-Thermal range of Cameras works.

We stock a range of C.C.T.V. cameras that have some incredible abilities. You’ve already seen what the Hikvision Dark Fighter PTZ can do, but did you know what the smaller cameras are capable of?  The Bi-Thermal range can “see through” mist/smoke.  So if your property or home is covered in mist, fog or a smoke […]

We are 3!!

Can you believe September is FINALLY here?!  It’s our THIRD birthday already! We are so excited to celebrate our birthday that we are having some INCREDIBLE specials over in our ONLINE STORE, I would recommend you go and have a look. If you’re looking at getting a new PC this month we are giving an […]

Like an All in One Computer?

Have a look at the Lenovo AIO range on our online store! This desktop computer is sleek, stylish and space saving.  For those who like a uncluttered work space, this PC is for you! Choose from an I5 or an I7, all come loaded with Windows 10 Pro and have the memory to make your […]