The Inverter Take Over

Due to the popular demand on Inverters, we have got some bigger versions in stock than can handle a greater capacity. Read below what’s on offer. Contact us to order on (042) 007 0031

We’ve had a few larger requirements for various sites, so we are offering these specials on 3000VA(2400W) and 5000VA (4000W) systems.

3000VA(2400W) Inverter for R7495incl. (requires 2 Batteries)
5000VA(4000W) Inverter for R9995incl. (requires 4 Batteries)
105AH Batteries at R2400ea.

Rated power 3KVA/24V | 5KVA/48VCD
Pure sine wave output
Overload, short circuit and Deep discharge protection
Cold start function
Support USB, RS485 monitoring function with included software CD
Compatible with generators
No solar controller

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