With speculation rife that load shedding is due to start from the 15th of January 2019, the conversation around keeping up productivity in the work place is a big issue.

The age of the noisy diesel generator is a thing of the past. As we move towards a greener way of life, Inverters are the replacement and they are beautiful!

What is this thing and what does it do?

A Mecer BBONE is a backup power solution. With a DC-AC simulated sine wave inverter plus a 12V 102Amp Deep Cycle battery. The 12V battery can run you TV and a few lights for about 3 hours. Or you can run your PC and a few lights for around 2 hours.

For Ridges and freezers you will need to choose, as it won’t be able to run high voltage items as well as your TV, PC and lights. The 24V system would be able to handle this.

In business use, with the 12V unit you’ll be able to keep that point-of-sale system plus some lights on for the duration of the standard load shedding period. But, frankly, you should consider the 24V unit if you have more than one sales point and/or have more than one computer running.

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How do I keep it charged?

All you do is plug your inverter into a wall socket, it has a built in charger and will be ready to use when the power goes off. The LED display will show you your usage.

There are various options to choose from so contact us for a quote and advice on which unit is perfect for you!