Can you believe September is FINALLY here?!  It’s our THIRD birthday already!

We are so excited to celebrate our birthday that we are having some INCREDIBLE specials over in our ONLINE STORE, I would recommend you go and have a look.

If you’re looking at getting a new PC this month we are giving an UNBELIEVABLE R1000.00 off ALL our new PC’s!  That includes, I5, I7 and All in one’s.

Also, if you’re looking at updating your C.C.T.V. packages we have a special on our “expand later deal” you can buy a kit with four cameras, that is ready to take eight when the time comes.

Our individual cameras are currently at R350.00 EACH, and the AMAZING Hikvision PTZ Darkfighter camera (able to track movement in the dark up to 200m away) is available for September only at a smashing R19999.00!

So head on over to our ONLINE STORE and shop now!