My Internet isn’t working, what do I do?!

We all know that feeling.

The internet at your office or home has stopped working and now you’re stuck, emails stop coming in and going out.  Uploads hang, Netflix freezes, it’s like a horror story come true!  Don’t despair, we have a few tips that you can try that should get it back up and running before you have to call your service provider for help.

Is the Router plugged in?

  • Find the router and make sure it’s plugged in at the plug, and that all the cables are clipped in place securely.
  • Is the light on the PoE (power supply) to the dish on the roof, on?  If not, unplug it and wait 20 seconds then plug it back in.
  • If the PoE is on, check the WiFi router (a small box with antennas).  To re-start the router, unplug it at the wall socket and wait a minute, then plug it back in and give it a minute or two to restart.
  • Re-check your connection.
  • Can you Google?  This will tell you if it’s your app or device or if the internet is off entirely.
  • Is your internet antenna still on the roof of your home?  Sometimes crazy things happen and your dish has fallen, tipped over or bad weather has simply removed it from it’s moorings.
  • If all of this has failed, contact your service provider or call us.
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